Dorian Wood at The Waypost in Portland. 11/15/2012

As a huge fan of Dorian, let me just say I was hugely stoked going into this show, and my man did not dissapoint. 

He performed some of the newer material from his Pearline EP , but mostly songs from his Bolka album. Set consisted mostly of vocals and piano, folk/soul with a spiritual vibe and experimental implementation? I dunno man, this exists outside the genres I usually frequent, but I’m digging the fuck out of it.

Dorian has a huge voice in every sense. Able to do everything from falsetto to super gravelly blues/spiritual mode, and fill a room with or without amplification. He also plays the hell out of apparently whatever instrument you put in front of him. He was on the piano for this show, but I understand he carries his accordion with him just in case. So I guess watch for that.

The final song in his set was a barn burning gospelish sing along which included much stomping and clapping and crowd participation (yelling). It was fucking dope.

So the verdict is catch dude if he comes to your town. He is currently on a short tour of the northwest, including Seattle and Bellingham, with Ben Von Wildenhaus riding shotgun. Hopefully he travels north from his native LA more often in the future.

Here is a link to the Dorian computer/internet site

Ben Von Wildenhaus at The Waypost in Portland. 11/15/2012

A guitar, mic, delay, loop pedal, and a signal generator. The hell else you need?

Ben killed it. Would lay down loops of pretty much whatever seemed to come to mind (rhythm tracks on guitar, pickup switch noise, muffled vocals through his cheek, his stubble rubbing on the mic, etc..) and turn it all into a kind of clammy but brilliant noise bath where it’s impossible to know what is coming from where so good luck trying. His presence was on point too, he was constantly staring at everyone in the audience like “what the fuck are you doing?”. It was a bizarrely uncomfortable vibe, an unexpected bonus.

If this dude comes to your town and you are a fan of shoegazey looped out experimental soundscapes by people in ridiculous suits with dodgy mustaches, he’s really your only choice. If he comes down from Seattle again I know I’ll be there.

Ben’s interactive web experience


Lithopedion at The Blue Monk in Portland. 11/13/2012

She was playing what appeared to be a casiotone of some description and a couple other synths through a loop pedal, building walls of sound from the ground up, complete with layered vocals. I was reminded of Peter Broderick.

I could probably throw a bunch of silly terms at this in an attempt to classify it as a specific genre, but what the hell. I’ll just call it seapunk, because of the blue lighting.

Or wait, I think at some point she used the Casiotone “waltz” rhythm. Seapunk/waltz.

Keep doin yer thang, Lithopedion. 

To all my die hard fans

Been hitting shows and shit, it’s just that I havent been feelin em enough to post pics in here.


Going to see two of my favorite musicians in a few days. 2 shows, 2 days, hopefully the openners are solid, too.

Earth at Rotture in Portland, 10/24/2012

I don’t know much about this particular form of music (droning doom metal) so it took me a while to dial in the frequencies they were laying down. Things got especially serious when dude on the piano there broke out his trombone.

Again, inexperienced with droning stuff but goddamn trombones just make so much sense for this kind of thing.

you know?

Fontanelle at Rotture in Portland on 10/24/2012Their set was dope, wish I had gotten there earlier. Not the best pic, but these guys were rocking out on all kinds of synths, and there was horns, too. Catch em if they come to your town.Fresh. 

Fontanelle at Rotture in Portland on 10/24/2012

Their set was dope, wish I had gotten there earlier. Not the best pic, but these guys were rocking out on all kinds of synths, and there was horns, too. Catch em if they come to your town.